A smart way to Uninstall Avast From the Mac

I’ve been questioning for a while in the event there was a simple way to do away with Avast. Avast is a great antivirus course that I will be using on my computer, and I like it a lot. However , after trying repeatedly to remove Avast, this software would attend again within the « Add/Remove » software program section of the Control Panel. Right now, I’m questioning if there is a basic way to uninstall Avast from my own Mac.

Here is my problem: I attempted opening up the Applications folder and looking for Avast in there, but to zero avail. Therefore , what can i do? Can i throw my Mac away and purchase home? Or perhaps does anyone possess any kind of idea ways to uninstall Avast? Is there a straightforward way to uninstall Avast from my Mac?

Any help with this matter would be appreciated; as I would use a check these guys out simple method to uninstall Avast right from my Mac pc. Thanks beforehand! I really appreciate any kind of help you can give me.